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Death threats drive Anita Sarkeesian from her home

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Para poner la guinda al pastel, nuestro equipo aceptó el reto de:

  • Marissa Mayer, directora ejecutiva de Yahoo

Y decidimos nominar a:

  • Benedict Cumberbatch, ese bello alienígena
  • Kylie Jenner, la pequeña de las Kardashian
  • La comunidad de Tumblr

No olvidéis lo más importante: podéis hacer vuestras donaciones aquí.

¡Un saludo especial a alittlespace por ser capaz de hablar empapada de agua!

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but benedict already did it O:

growing up is when you look at the clock and say “SHIIIIIIT ITS WAY PAST MY BEDTIME”
and instead of excitement at you incredible ability to stay awake you turn to your incredible ability to function despite having a day long migraine that you are surely going to have the next day for not sleeping…. you idiot…


The Mummies of Guanajuato are a number of naturally mummified bodies interred during a cholera outbreak around Guanajuato, Mexico in 1833. The mummies were discovered in a cemetery in Guanajuato, making the city one of the biggest tourist attractions in Mexico.

The bodies appear to have been disinterred between 1865 and 1958. During that time, a local tax was imposed requiring relatives to pay a fee to keep their relatives interred. If the relatives were unable or unwilling to pay the tax, the bodies were disinterred. Ninety percent of the remains were disinterred because their relatives did not pay the tax. Of these, only two percent had been naturally mummified. The mummified bodies were stored in a building and in the 1900s began attracting tourists. Cemetery workers began charging people a few pesos to enter the building where bones and mummies were stored. This place was turned into a museum called El Museo De Las Momias (“The Mummies’ Museum”). A law prohibiting disinterring was passed in 1958, but this museum still exhibits the original mummies.


i have been here : D
its nowhere near as scary as you think


Yes that does look like giant taiyaki in her hair. They match the pink of the asa-no-ha design (Hemp leaf) in the yukata, as well as the pink goldfish. Pink and orange are not commonly paired with white, but a white yukata always looks cool and breezy (especially with a light blue obi). I like the fashion-forward look of this piece and the hair and makeup particularly!

i want those things for my hair. i will pay money for them!

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